Want to help your kids spend more time in God’s Word this summer?
Sign them up for our “WORD with Zach” summer reading program!
Program begins June 1, 2024.

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What is WORD with Zach?

Here at Keys for Kids Ministries, we’re looking forward to launching our WORD with Zach free summer reading program! This is our fifth year of running the WORD with Zach summer reading program. During the summer, our radio host Zach will lead your kids through reading both Keys for Kids stories and God’s Word.

The WORD with Zach summer reading program is meant to keep kids in God’s Word during the summer months. Our aim is also to increase biblical literacy in kids and help them grow in their relationship with Christ. During the summer, kids can read the day’s story and Scripture and check off the day’s box on the monthly calendar to keep track of their progress. This consistency keeps kids in the Word each day. Register now!

How it Works

Step 1: Sign up for our “WORD with Zach” free summer reading program by June 1.
Step 2: Download the reading calendars.
Step 3: Read or listen to the Keys for Kids devotional every day and put a check in each day’s box on your downloaded calendar.
Step 4: After each month, log into your account on this website and mark the reading complete for each child who completed the entire month.

We are giving out participation prizes again this year! You will get fun surprises for each month you complete, as well as for registering.

Monthly Prizes: Complete each month by the due date to be entered into our monthly prize drawings. You could win the Adventure Basket in June, the first 6 seasons of Down Gilead Lane in July, and a Keys for Kids Storyteller and journal in August. (Due dates are July 15, Aug. 15, and Sep. 15)

Grand Prize: Complete all three months and you’ll be entered into a drawing to win The Mega Family Game Night Basket!